Exposure Science Film Hackathon

This workshop cannot be booked through the UZH Module Booking Tool.

Apply to participate: www.exposurehackathon.com/apply



  • Exposure Science Film Hackathon is a project that brings scientists, storytellers and filmmakers together to create beautiful and accurate short science films. The films are screened to the public in local cinemas.
  • Successful applicants will work in a group of four (created by the organizers) made up of scientists and filmmakers. They will decide upon a subject, write a story and create a film in three days.
  • The teams are supported by mentors that are experts in areas of science, science communication and filmmaking.
  • Films from previous events can be found on the website: exposurehackathon.com/films
Learning Objectives    
  • Introduction to filmmaking, storytelling and reaching an audience
  • Develop skills in communicating/ translating a complex idea for non-scientists
  • Develop a love for communicating science
  • Create long-lasting relationships between artists and scientists
  • Understand the importance and possibilities of science communication
  • Working in a team under pressure



Jeanine Reutemann, audiovisualresearch.org

Erinma Ochu, PhD, University of Salford

Marc Creus, PhD, University of Basel

Sam Lagier, PhD, storytelling

Jonny Berliner

Adria LeBoeuf, PhD, University of Fribourg

Target participants     PhD candidates of all disciplines
Language     English
Duration     3 full days
Dates     15 March 2019 all day
16 March 2019 all day
17 March 2019 all day
Apply to participate    


Location     RAA-E-30
Contact person     Eric Alms, Graduate Campus
ECTS credits     1 ECTS credits (has to be recognized by your faculty)