Proposal writing for postdocs


Writing grant proposals is a permanent duty and integral part in professional life of a researcher. How can we organize this period of the proposal writing and make it optimal use of it? In this two-day training, participants will learn how to submit a research proposal from the very beginning to the submission.

They start to write specific parts: the research plan, the impact chapter, the implementation, the career plan, the budget, the ethics, the gender aspects and other parts requested by the funding agencies. They learn more about communication theories, self-marketing, digital tool and how messages are transported effectively. They furthermore will hear and discuss what experts like and how they are briefed as part of the evaluation committees. Success factors for getting proposals approved will be discussed. To distinguish proposal writing from scientific (paper) writing is of key importance and therefore, elements in common and differences will be elaborated.  

Objectives     Participants gain knowledge and skills that will bring their academic writing to a higher level. They develop helpful strategies to effectively transfer a message to their audience and know the differences between writing articles and research proposals.

Dr. Andrea Degen, EUrelations AG

Target participants     Postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines

10 December 2020 9:00 - 17:30h
17 December 2020  9:00 - 17:30h

Location     Online
Registration fee     CHF 150.- The fee is waived due to the ongoing circumstances.