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Graduate Campus – Transferable Skills

Virtual conferences: benefits, formats, implementation


Virtual conferences, workshops, and symposia can be more than an imperfect replacement for in-person meetings. What advantages do they offer? When and how can they be used? And how can in-person and virtual meetings complement each other?

The webinar will be instructed by Boris Buzek.

In this webinar we will explore the extent to which virtual conferences are useful opportunities for exchange, which formats and settings can complement and expand everyday academic life, and how they can be successfully implemented; based on the belief that only a skillful application of the available possibilities can make the respective formats attractive and effective.

3 March, 3-5pm

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and in-person meetings and look at possible starting points and requirements. For which situations are virtual formats suitable and when are in-person meetings the way to go? Which formats are possible and how are they used meaningfully? Which requirements exist and which needs have to be covered? As an example, we look at some programs and solutions for virtual communication and collaboration.

10 March, 3-5pm

Which steps are relevant when planning a virtual event and which aspects should be paid attention to for a successful implementation? We look at which infrastructures are available at UZH and which support is available. Furthermore, we will also focus on the individual setups and the technical implementation. Finally, we discuss specific forms of program design and moderation.

17 March, 3-5pm

The third part is designed as a project workshop. As a participant you will have the opportunity to further develop your own projects within the framework of the course. Individually or in groups, concrete examples, actually planned events or realistic experimental facilities are developed by the participants and discussed together.



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