Doing creative research




A dissertation is not simply a task to be completed, it is a great personal challenge. Researchers live in a perpetual paradox: they are confronted with the unknown, should be innovative and creative and at the same time proceed well structured, meet scientific demands and follow a research plan. This can be particularly unsettling for inexperienced researchers: it can restrict their self-confidence, lead to loss of motivation and in a negative loop can cause working inhibitions. 

In this course you learn how an overly rational understanding of science and research can impair thinking, performance and discovery and how in turn creativity can be released beneficially. You will acquire strategies that maximize your creativity and help you to think out of the box in the research process. Finally, you will also learn how to keep your creative thinking alive, be it in the research process or in other professional activities.

Main focus: 
- Quick review of the history of research and the theory of scientific thinking with the aim of clarifying misunderstandings about science, research and failure 
- psychological causes of thinking and working inhibition 
- characteristics, types and phases of creativity 
- analyse the own working and thinking process and difficulties in the research process 
- elaborate new, unconventional approaches to the research object 

Course objectives    
  • acquire theoretical knowledge about the research process and its pitfalls
  • understand how thinking and performance processes work psychologically, what affects them and how they can be encouraged
  • develop at the same time a creative and pragmatic understanding of themselves as researchers
  • learn how to trust their thinking and gut feelings and how to capitalise failure
Instructor     Dr. phil. Alba Polo
Target participants     PhD candidates of all disciplines
Language     English
Number of participants     12
Duration     3 days

20 February 2018 8:30 - 17:30h

27 February 2018  8:30 - 17:30h

8 March 2018  8:30 - 17:30h

Canceling deadline     30 January 2018 23:59


Contact person     Eric Alms, Graduate Campus
ECTS credit     1 ECTS credit (has to be recognized by your faculty)