Project design and grant proposal writing


Research needs funding from third parties, mainly public funding providers. And PhDs are supposed to write research proposals to acquire funding for their research ideas and their team. But to successfully obtain these third-party funds it is essential to have an all-around convincing project proposal, which exposes the own research idea in a keen manner. Furthermore, a clear and structured project design is crucial for the project success. 

In this training, participants will learn and start to write specific parts of a research proposal: the research plan, the impact chapter, the implementation, the career plan, the budget, the ethics, the gender aspects and other parts requested by the funding agencies the participants intend to address. They will furthermore discuss project design elements like communication issues and how our messages are transported effectively to evaluation committees, including the presentation of the research group and CVs. To distinguish proposal writing from scientific (paper) writing is of key importance and therefore, elements in common and differences will be elaborated.

Participants are expected to choose a funding programme of their interest, prepare the “idea drafting template”, bring the required documents for the submission and register to the funding instrument area.

Course objectives    
  • Where to find appropriate fellowship funding (preparatory homework)
  • Know how successful projects are designed
  • How to apply: A-Z of the proposal submission process
  • How to attract an evaluators’ attention for my proposal? Success factors for proposals
  • Practice writing of a fellowship proposal
  • Gain experience in reviewing fellowship proposals 
Instructor     Dr. Andrea Degen, EUrelations AG
Target participants     PhD candidates of all disciplines
Language     English
Duration     2 days
Dates     10 March 2020 9:00 - 17:30h
26 March 2020  9:00 - 17:30h
Canceling deadline     18 February 2020 23:59


Contact person     Eric Alms, Graduate Campus
ECTS credit     1 ECTS credit (has to be recognized by your faculty)