Funding for Science and Innovation Projects and Fellowships (national, international, globally)


Research needs funding from third parties, Acquisition of research funding is essential for a successful academic career. Nowadays, understanding of the relationships between the scientific enterprise, funding agencies, and society becomes is essential to succeed in academia. Successful researchers know how to create win-win situations between funding providers and the scientific community.

This workshop provides deeper insight into the context of research funding and aims to match funding sources to the individual scientist. We focus on the importance of scientific relations and how to use them effectively in acquiring more funding with less time investment. Participants will gain deeper insights in the use and requirements of specific (inter)national funding instruments, and we will elaborate on creating an individual funding portfolio.

After attending this workshop, participants are enabled to take a more systematic and comprehensive approach to fund acquisition. Effective matching funding opportunities with the current career stage allows the scientist to improve his success rate of proposals. 

Course objectives    
  • Get an overview of the local and global perspective of the scientific enterprise in a technology age
  • Stimulate their thinking beyond traditional academic structures and set funding interests in line with academic career interests
  • Understand the win-win between funding providers and research community
  • Understand how the scientific enterprise works in relation to funding
  • Become aware about what research provides to the funding agency and society
  • Be aware of (inter)national funding opportunities
  • Get an overview of national and European fellowship and project grants
  • Understand fundraising at a global scale (Asia, America, ...)
  • Appreciate private sources: foundations and industry
Instructor     Dr. Andrea Degen, EUrelations AG
Target participants     PhD candidates and postdocs of all disciplines
Language     English
Duration     2 days
Dates     14 May 2020
28 May 2020
Canceling deadline     23 April 2020 23:59


Contact person     Eric Alms, Graduate Campus
ECTS credit     1 ECTS credit (has to be recognized by your faculty)