Advanced Citizen Science: Designing and facilitating participatory research processes competently


How can we apply participatory methods and procedures in research? Which competences and skills are important for process design and facilitation of participatory research processes?
In order to solve complex problems, the involvement of citizens is crucial in participatory research and at the same time challenging, e.g. in order to reach the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Designing and facilitating research processes professionally allows to prepare the right working environment in order to support all involved people to reach the envisaged goals.
In this workshop you will be enabled to develop basis competences for process design and facilitation of knowledge co-production through participatory research in different research contexts or fields. We will interactively discuss challenges and principles of good participatory process design and facilitation and test diverse methods and tools.
Based on these experiences we want to support you to plan and implement participatory design, methods and tools in your individual research context. Therefore, we will combine theoretical inputs with “learning by doing” in interactive exercises, in group work and plenary discussions. We will integrate the participants’ implementation contexts for participatory research which may e.g. be research projects, decision making, policy-development or implementation.  

Learning objectives


The participants

  • Know design-principles and selected methods and tools for sound participatory process design and facilitation.
  • Know the main phases for participatory research design and the differing roles of researchers and involved citizens.
  • Can apply selected design principles for participatory process design and facilitation on concrete examples from practices.
  • Can choose and apply methods and tools for the design and facilitation of participatory research processes.

Dr. Susanne Tönsmann, Participatory Science Academy;
Dr. sc. ETHZ Ruth Förster, dr. ruth förster – training & beratung, lecturer ETH Zurich

Target participants


PhD candidates, postdocs of all disciplines resp. faculties (UZH & ETH Zurich) who plan and perform participatory research projects or participatory research formats like e.g. workshops with citizens or would like to optimize ongoing research. Participants’ own cases are very welcome.


20 April 2021 9:00 – 17:30

27 April 2021 9:00 – 17:30


Registration fee  

There is no registration fee for this course.

Contact person   Eric Alms, Graduate Campus