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Graduate Campus – Transferable Skills

Design your Data Management Plan for the SNSF


Various funding organizations demand the submission of a Data Management Plan (DMP) together with each research proposal. Since October 2017, the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) also requires a DMP in which applicants must outline how data will be generated, collected, documented, shared and preserved in order to improve data reusability and reproducibility in scientific research projects.
In this workshop, participants will learn how to write their own DMP to accompany funding applications submitted to the SNSF. They become acquainted with the available infrastructures and services related to research data management at UZH and will find out how a DMP can turn from an alleged administrative burden into a valuable tool to improve their research. The second day of the workshop gives participants time to write their individual Data Management Plans (DMPs) while the Data Services Team will be around to facilitate the writing process and to answer questions.  There will be no theoretical instruction on this second day.
Participants are asked to bring their own laptops.


•    Learn how to write a DMP according to SNSF guidelines specifically for your research project 
•    Know where and how to store your research data in compliance with the FAIR Data Principles
•    Know the available services for data management at UZH
•    Find answers to your questions on 
o    data organization and documentation (metadata)
o    ethical, copyright or intellectual property issues
o    data sharing, FAIR principles

o    data storage and preservation


Stefanie Strebel, Data Services, UZH Main Library / Hauptbibliothek (HBZ)

Target participants     Postdocs and early career professors of all disciplines
Language     English, questions can also be asked in German

4 March 2022

11 March 2022



Registration fee     There is no registration fee for this course.