Courses for postdocs in Fall Semester 2021

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Covid Certificates Required for On-Site Classes from 20 September.

Course title

Design your Data Management Plan for the SNSF 1.9., 8.9.

Einführung Citizen Science

22.09., 4.10.  

Voice training and public speaking skills

5.10., 12.10.  

Berufungstraining für Postdocs

20.10., 21.10.  
Negotiating successfully to a win-win result 27.10., 28.10.  

Good research practice

29.10., 5.11.  

Lateral leadership: Leading in the sandwich position

18.11, 9.12.

Vertiefung Citizen Science

22.11., 1.12.  

Supervision training

2.12., 3.12.  

Project management for postdocs

13.12., 14.12.